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Usually cervical foramenal narrowing is a chronic pain that is developed over time and is commonly mistaken for muscle strain or sprain. Foraminal narrowing the the neck or cervical spine is also referred to as spinal stenosis which by definition means narrowing of the space that the sensitive nerves reside in your spinal column. When the nerve is compressed by a herniated or bulging disc, bone spur, or injury to the area, it can result in much pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and extremities including hands and arms. General wear and tear is often the culprit for cervical foraminal narrowing as tissues inflame and deteriorate. Unless pain is associated with a disc injury to the cervical spine and the foraminal narrowing is truly the cause of the pain in your neck, treatment is not recommended. If the narrowing, or stenosis, IS the cause, then treatment is recommended.

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